How to get your project financed with us?

The process is versatile, effective and efficient. We tailor our solutions to our clients' requirements.

Bridge Funding

Short term financing for your company's immediate requirements.

Debt Instruments

Our tailored approach results in adaptable amortization periods and robust terms that enhance our clients' project financials. We can structure secure corporate bonds, mezzanine unsecured instruments, guaranteed and insured bonds, convertible bonds, among other options.

Equity and Ownership Rights

Our methodology allows our clients to implement equity calls, ownership right purchase/sale agreements, and multiple iterations of equity options and conversions.

Lines of Credit

Increase your project's or company's working capital capabilities.

Stand-by Letters of Credit

Issue a guarantee to enhance the risk profile of your business or streghten your company's lending position.

About Us

Nice to meet you.

  • Combined experience of more than 40 years in electricity and oil&gas markets
  • We have led project services for global EPCs on projects over 1B$
  • We have advocating experience in the electricity and gas sectors
  • We have developed and overseen solar and electrical infrastructure projects in Mexico
  • We have managed environmental, financial, and regulatory aspects of oil&gas projects
  • We have held executive roles in the deregulated electricity utility and oil&gas markets
  • We participated in Canada's (Alberta's) power deregulation legislation discussions
  • We have led crude oil transportation, waste management and processing projects
  • We have managed over $1 billion USD in procurement supplier spend
  • CDMX México / Calgary Alberta (Canada) / Dallas Texas (USA)

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    Llame a nuestra oficina en México +525592218259

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